Photography Tuition & Workshops 

Modern cameras are marvels of technology but can be daunting - so many settings and options to choose from. It's tempting just to set to 'automatic' and fire away. 
Do you find that your images aren't quite what you hope for? 
Do you want to take more control and be more confident in your photography? 
Do you want to step away from 'automatic'? 
Do you have images in your mind but can't translate them into reality? 
Perhaps you've acquired a new camera and want to know how to get the best from it. 
Or maybe there is an area of photography that you'd really like to understand more fully. 
Yellow Hound Photography can help you make all of these steps. 

Each session is built around YOU 

We have provided many one-to-one tuition sessions to aspiring photographers, helping them to grow as image makers. Whether your passion is animals, landscapes, motor sports or portraits, whether you're a beginner or keen amateur, we can help you develop your photographic craft and create images that you never thought possible. 
Each session is built around YOU - what you want to achieve and how quickly you want to progress. These can be single sessions or a programme spaced over a time period that suits your learning aims.  
If you'd like to develop your skills in a learning environment that is free from judgement and pressure then please get in touch, either by clicking the button to arrange a chat, or by using the contact form. 
If you're a beginner and want to make consistent progress consider booking a programme of training sessions tailored to your knowledge and ability. 
We'll go at a pace that is comfortable to you, and between lessons I'll be available to help and guide your practise. 
Because I appreciate that it's difficult to commit to a programme with someone you don't know and aren't sure is right for you, you don't need to commit to anything other than your first session. 
Don't yet have a camera? Don't worry - I can provide a camera for you to use during the lessons. 
Sign up for your first 2 HOUR session - then make your decision. 
If you decide it's for you then: 
Commit to either a further 3 lessons, and save 15% off ALL your lessons (including the first one!). 
That's 8 hours of top quality focused 1:1 training for just £340. 
Or go for 5 additional lessons and save a HUGE 25% off ALL your lessons (including the first one!). 
That's 12 hours of top quality focused 1:1 training for just £450. 
Just pay 40% up-front (but AFTER your first session) and I will invoice you for the balance after each successive lesson in your programme. 
Each session is 2 hours of 1:1 training tailored to your needs and aims! 

A structured two-hour 1:1 tuition session built around what YOU want to achieve is just £100. 

"You gave me and the dogs time and space to relax and achieve what I wanted." 
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