About Us

About Me

My name is Chris Tarling and I’m a photographer living in Cheltenham (the centre of the wonderful Cotswolds!) with my wife and two labradors; the irrepressible Coco & Marley. I’ve been a passionate photographer since my teen years, chasing the perfect image initially through precious slide film and now with my digital cameras.

I absolutely love taking pictures of my two labradors, they are without doubt my muses and feature prominently throughout this site. I have a priceless record of them growing up from puppies, so much so that they are both very used to my camera. Posed photographs have their place but for me the thrill lies in capturing their unique characters in an arresting image. My favourite pictures are invariably taken whilst the guys are playing freely – they absolutely love any water and a good ‘throwie stickie’ session. Largely this means that they are wet and dirty most of the time but the fun they are having always shines through.

My aim in setting up Yellow Hound is to use my skills as a photographer, and my deep love of animals, to generate wonderful, special images for others. Images that will be cherished, that capture their personality and also the bond with their owners. I like to work closely with an animal’s owner to understand both of their characters, what they enjoy and hence create an environment at each session that’s fun and produces great images.

Whilst I love dogs and animals I am a keen photographer of many different subjects; you’ll see some examples of my work on this site. I also work commercially so if you run a business and are looking for a special image to use then please give me a call to discuss what I can create.

About Coco

My name is Coco and I’m a pedigree (can’t you tell?) chocolate labrador retriever. My Kennel Club name is My Charming Coco (so true!). I was born on January 19th 2013 and came to live with my new family 7 weeks later. I’m not a very big chocolate labrador but I am a very strong one; in fact I quite enjoy trying to pull my owners off their feet when they least expect it. A little while ago I managed to cause great hilarity at a coffee shop when Marley & I worked together to pull our ‘daddy’ off his chair and into the street – such fun! He didn’t seem to see the fun but that pigeon was just too tempting. After eating, my favourite things are swimming (any water will do) and a good session of ‘throwie stickie’ with my owners. If I can combine swimming with throwie stickie then I’m in heaven. My owners say that I’m a rather nervous girl; I say that I just need to get to know new people & things in my own time. Marley suddenly appeared in my life but we get on brilliantly – once I’d shown him that I’m in charge (though I do still need to remind him…).

About Marley

My name is Marley and I’m a pedigree yellow labrador retriever. My Kennel Club name is Kentredecim Pipe Down (no I don’t know why either). I was born on July 9th 2013 but I didn’t join my current family until I was 9 months old. When I was a puppy I went to live with another family but they found me too much of a handful and sadly said goodbye to me. That was a big change for me but I think I coped well, and my new owners didn’t change my name, which I think is great because it suits me perfectly! Just after I went to live with my new family I became very, very ill; so ill that my owners were worried I wouldn’t recover. The lovely staff at Woodlands Veterinary Clinic took wonderful care of me and I got better, though my tummy is still rather sensitive. I would say that I’m a rather laid-back chap – I love everyone and everything, and nothing much fazes me (unlike Coco who seems to get spooked at the slightest thing!). I love playing with Coco (especially if there is some water involved) and am so glad that we’re together as friends. Before I came to live with her I hadn’t spent much time with other dogs or that much time out on walks. Now I do plenty of both! I’ve lost lots of weight and am very lean and fit. My vet once described me as having the physique of ‘an Olympic athlete’ and I think he’s absolutely right! I’m proud to be the inspiration for Yellow Hound!

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