About Yellow Hound Photography 

Yellow Hound Photography was founded by Chris Tarling, a full-time professional photographer based in Cheltenham, in the heart of the Cotswolds. 
"I believe that great photography has a unique power to enrich everyone’s life, whether by creating arresting brand photography for business success, or by capturing special moments for my clients to enjoy forever. 
Photography has been a life-long passion (and journey) for me, right from my early teens. Back then as an impoverished teenager it was precious frames of film, always questioning whether the image I saw in the viewfinder was worth exposing the film. A good discipline to start with! 
After a successful career in engineering I decided I wanted something very different from my life. So I decided to pursue my passion full-time and founded Yellow Hound Photography. 
My interest in photography has always been highly eclectic – it has never been so much a case of favourite things to photograph as interesting things to photograph. I think this is what now gives me one of my strengths in photography – my versatility and ability to work across all subjects and produce work of a very high quality. 
However I’ve built Yellow Hound Photography around my key passions. In no particular order... 
Brand Photography: I love solving problems, such as how to translate brand values into arresting images. And I also get a kick out of working with businesses, understanding what they want to achieve, what their passions are. 
Classic Car Photography: an enduring passion. I have owned my own ‘classic’ for over 20 years and love creating images of owner’s cars. Images that stir their emotions and give another way of enjoying their car. 
Dogs & Horses: ‘No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses’ (Herman Melville). How true! I mages of our pets have a unique ability to touch our soul and to keep them in our hearts. I am constantly photographing my own two labradors and their images decorate our house. 
Fieldsports: An irresistible combination of people, dogs, horses and the great outdoors! 
Portraits & Weddings: I guess I love working with people, whether it’s a confidence building portrait session, professional headshots for business, or an intimate portrait of a very special day. 
Tuition & Workshops: I have a lifetime of photographic experience and knowledge. Sharing that knowledge and helping others to progress along their own photographic journey is hugely satisfying. 
In conclusion, whatever I am photographing, my aim is always to deliver images that surprise and delight my clients." 
Chris Tarling, Founder 
Yellow Hound Photography creates stunning photographs for both private and business clients - mainly in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds, although we are happy to work anywhere in the UK if it's the right project. 
"'Everyone should have a session with Chris for their dog! My very hard to capture black dog was shot beautifully - his personality and character shining in every picture. I say to my friends 'look at these of Barney, aren't they amazing' and tell them how much fun we had on the actual session." 
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