Why I Do What I Do

Photography has been a lifelong passion, right from my early teens. I possess a compelling need to create images, to document what I see in a way that is emotionally engaging and meaningful. This is the story of how Yellow Hound Photography came into being, and its early focus on dog photography.

Growing up we always had a dog, usually some form of collie. They were part of the family, always with us wherever we went. I think this is what gave me my deep-rooted love of animals and of dogs in particular. Both of my parents grew up around animals and their fondness and easy familiarity seemingly passed to me.

When I left home I had to leave thoughts of having my own dog behind – my lifestyle simply didn’t suit. But I could always go visit my parents and spend time with their dog (Bonny, a real princess of a Rough Collie). Then came the day that my dad called me to say they had had to put Bonny to sleep unexpectedly. ‘I’ve had to put a lot of dogs to sleep in my time but that one really hurt’ was how dad put it. In earlier times they would have soon found another dog but not this time; my dad clearly carried the hurt of Bonny going so quickly.

Fast forward through a busy professional life to a point much later where I found myself adrift; out of work and unable to get the job I felt I wanted. The abyss of depression beckoned….

I can’t remember where the intent came from but with lots of time on my hands it dawned on me that I was now in a position to give a dog a true home, and I needed something to take me out of myself. So on Saturday March 9th 2013 my wife and I brought home a brown bundle of fur we called Coco. This was a true turning point in my life. Coco and I became inseparable; she was always able to lift my mood.

As a lifelong photographer it was absolutely natural that I would chronicle Coco’s life through my lens. I captured memories of her almost everyday, producing a collection of images that showed her changing from a gorgeous pup to a beautiful adult dog. Photography is very important to me as it is one of the very few things that roots me in the moment.

I realised how much it meant to me to capture these fleeting times and also that I’d like to do the same for other dog lovers, people that felt the same way about their dog. I couldn’t imagine not having all of these priceless memories to look back on. It felt almost like a calling for me to do this for others.

And so Yellow Hound Photography was born.

I love spending time with dogs – they are such beautiful honest creatures, always living in the moment. Their relationship with us humans seems to me to be unique and something that I feel compelled to explore with my camera. They grow into our hearts and all too soon are lost to us, but the images live on.

Images with stories to tell….

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