Yellow Hound Lifestyle Animal Photography

Focused on creating highly personal photographs of dogs, horses, pets and wildlife

Yellow Hound specialises in on-location pet and animal photography. My name is Chris Tarling and I founded Yellow Hound with the aim of using my photographic skill and experience to produce beautiful images for owners of every type of animal; images that capture the essential character of your pet in environments that are personal to you and reveal something of the special bond that exists between you.

As a devoted dog owner I understand just how important a part of the family our pets are. They all have their own personalities – likes & dislikes, favourite toys & food, and places to snooze. I know how much joy and love they bring to us every day as they hurtle through their lives; as loved ones they are not with us nearly as long as we would like them to be.

My approach is first and foremost to build a positive rapport with both pets and their owners. By approaching with respect and kindness I aim to develop a relationship with the pet founded on trust that allows me to capture exceptional photographs in a way that is reflective of their unique identity. A favourite place, a favourite walk, or simply your own home and garden can be the perfect backdrop to photographs that are a lasting keepsake of your shared love and joy, and the candid and funny moments that you’ve enjoyed together.

I will travel to meet you at a location of your choosing (or I can suggest one) and create a fun atmosphere that allows your pet to relax and shine. Every photographic session is unique as it will be tailored to your own personal wishes in terms of the type of images that you want. There will be ample opportunity for both you and your pet to share the frame.

Dogs and horses are my most typical subjects but I photograph all manner of pets. I’m not fazed by unusual or challenging animals so if you’ve always wanted a memorable image please don’t be afraid to ask.

Yellow Hound is based in Cheltenham and holds photo sessions throughout the Cotswolds and beyond.

I would be delighted to hear from you should you wish to discuss any aspect of photographing your treasured pet. Please call me on 07736 973273 or e-mail me at chris@yellowhound.co.uk.

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