Business Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms:

  1. The booking fee covering the photo session must be paid in advance to secure the session date and time. This fee is deducted in full from the final total price. The booking fee secures the time and services of the photographer and is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.
  2. Travel is not charged within a 30 mile radius of the Yellow Hound office location in Cheltenham. Beyond this a mileage charge of 45p/mile will apply.
  3. All invoices are to be paid in cleared funds within 14 days of the date of the invoice.


Cancellation & Postponement:

  1. In the event of cancellation by the client all booking fees are non-refundable.
  2. In the event of cancellation by the photographer due to illness or unavoidable circumstances the client is given the option to rearrange to an alternative date or receive full reimbursement of the booking fee.
  3. The client may give notice to postponement their shoot up to 7 days before the agreed session date. Postponement of a session within the 7 day period will incur a £25 re-booking fee.
  4. All Gift Certificates are valid for 12months from the date of purchase.



  1. The entire copyright in the photographs is retained by the photographer at all times. The 1998 Copyright Act assigns copyright to Chris Tarling trading as Yellow Hound. It is contrary to the act, and strictly illegal, to copy or allow to be copied any images.
  2. Digital previews will remain the exclusive property of the photographer.
  3. Digital products supplied to the client are licensed for their personal non-commercial/promotional use for social media, emailing or websites and for printing. This license applies so long as products remain unaltered and retain small copyright watermarks.  It is unlawful to print or use copyrighted images in other ways without written agreement from Yellow Hound Photography; including, but not limited to, use for publication, competition entry, commercial or promotional use.



  1. The client expressly releases the photographer from all claims, damages and liabilities that may result from accidents or incidents that occur during the photo session. This waiver includes any claim that may be the result of negligence.
  2. Any directions issued to the client during a photoshoot are deemed to be at the client’s own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents howsoever caused during a photo session.
  3. During the photographic session it remains the client’s responsibility at all times to maintain safe control of their animal.
  4. The responsibility of the photographer to compensate the client in the case of negligence or breach of contract is limited to the cost of the booked service at the time of booking.



  1. All services and/or goods are supplied at the current prices ruling at the time of each invoice.
  2. Yellow Hound is not VAT registered and hence VAT is not charged.
  3. Prices and products are subject to regular review and change without prior notice.


Use of Images:

  1. The photographer reserves the right to use one or more images from the clients session for advertising, display or publication, or to offer for sale via the Yellow Hound stock and portfolio web sites, or by any other method.

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