Frequently Asked Questions:

What is involved in a typical photo session?

Within reason, anything you want. My aim is to work closely with you to produce a set of images that you will cherish as special to you. To do this I will need to understand what sort of images you want. You may want a more formal portrait, or perhaps some photographs showing your dog at play, perhaps charging around. This is something that I will aim to discuss when we first speak. Don’t worry if you don’t have any specific aims  – part of the fun of a session is seeing what develops and some of the best images are unpredictable. A wide variety of activities and poses will generate the widest variety of images.

How long is a session?

Typically 1 to 2 hours, but again within reason I’ll work with you to get the images you desire. I don’t work to strict time limits as it’s much more important to me that I capture great images. Like us pets all have their own characters and quirks; some are dream models and others need a little more time to relax and shine. A relaxed time, great images and a happy and safe pet are what I strive to achieve. Please also read my page ‘Services & Pricing

Where will the session take place?

Again this is down to you. The best images come from encouraging relaxed behaviour in a familiar or favourite place. Perhaps a favoured walk, or even your own home and garden. Natural surroundings and light work best – woodland can produce fantastic photo opportunities. If you are unsure I can suggest possible venues. Please note that I don’t undertake studio photography – my aim is to capture images which show relaxed behaviour in a natural environment. Horses and cats can be photographed on-location but it is often preferable to remain at the stables/home/paddock.

Is there anything that could interfere with the session and cause it to be postponed?

The downside of on-location photography is that it takes place outdoors and can be affected by our fickle weather. As a photographer I am an avid follower of the weather forecast. Should the weather be completely unsuitable I’ll work with you to re-schedule the session at no extra cost. (As ever it depends what sort of images you want but sometimes poor weather can produce some great photographs – my dogs love mud and puddles!)

What do I need to bring to a session?

Well, your pet of course. Favourite toys and treats are a great idea. Really anything that you feel will motivate play!

My pet is rather nervous/disobedient. Can you still capture some great images?

Yes, of course. I’m not fazed by nervous or skittish animals. The most important thing is to choose a location that will put your pet best at ease – furthermore the safety and well-being of your pet will always come first. We can take the session as slowly as is required for your pet to settle and relax.  I can also visit beforehand to build familiarisation, though this may incur extra cost. There are other techniques that I can use, such as a telephoto lens so that I can take photographs at a distance from your pet. Remember also that your pet will not be alone with me – you’ll be there sharing in the fun.

I don’t live near your office but would like to work with you.

I’m happy to travel as required. There will be no travel costs for any session within a 30 mile radius of my office in Cheltenham. If you are outside of this area we can either arrange to have the session at a location within this area or there will be a 45p/mile additional charge (for every mile outside the 30 mile radius) for me to travel to you.

What will happen after the session?

You will be presented with a selection of images in your own gallery on my website, accessible only by you via your personal login. Your gallery will images which will have been processed by me after the session. You can then order images in a wide variety of print sizes and types (a canvas for example). Should you want something very specific, and there is a huge number of possible print types, I will work will you to give you what you want. My aim is to be flexible at all times.

What happens if I don’t like any of the images from the session?

Then I will offer you the opportunity to re-book a further session at no extra cost; this ‘offer’ can only be used once.

I have a new puppy that is changing fast. Can you capture my puppy’s development?

Puppies present their own challenges but make such photogenic subjects; and the fact that they change so rapidly makes having great images of them as they grow even more important. I love working with puppies! Depending on how young your puppy is we may need to have the initial session(s) indoors – for this to be successful we ideally need a setting that will have lots of natural light. Working with puppies is one of the few occasions where some of the session(s) could well need to be indoors. I offer a ‘puppy package’ that includes a number of sessions to capture development; as with all my services this can be tailored to give you what you want. You may want more sessions, more frequently for example.

How do I book?

Please contact me by phone (07736 973273 is best) or e-mail

Do you offer sessions on any day of the week?

My normal days are Monday to Friday but I aim to be flexible so please talk to me and we can discuss your requirements. I have included weekend pricing in my ‘Services & Pricing‘ page.

My pet is elderly – what do you suggest?

Capturing beautiful images of your life-long friend in the later stages of their life has a special poignancy. As a dog owner (do we ever own them?) I know how much your pet means to you and understand that you want images to cherish, that capture their beauty and character and will provide special memories for years to come. These tend to be special sessions and again I’ll work with you to put your pet in a location and activity that will be comfortable and allow their character to shine and be captured by my camera, as well as their bond with you.

What animals do you photograph?

Anything and everything. Dogs and horses form a large part of my work but any animal is a potential star. So, large or small, warm or cold blooded, feathers or fur – I work with them all (although I’m not exactly fond of anything with eight legs….).

Can you accommodate a longer session as I have several animals?

Yes. Again my aim is to be flexible and I can put together any package to suit your needs. You may be a member of a dog club (did someone say ‘agility’?), have several pets, or be a group of friends that have horses in the same yard. Whatever the situation I can put together a longer session, say half a day or more, that will accommodate your needs. This can be very cost effective where there are several animals and owners involved.

My dog/horse/hamster is competing in a show. Can you photograph the event for me?

Absolutely. Talk to me about what you want and when it takes place and I’ll put together a bespoke package for you. Again this can be very cost effective if you are part of a club or group of owners competing at the same event.

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  1. Great photos Chris, so many to choose from! We are in Devon at the moment so we will have more time to pick our favourites when we get home.
    Thanks for sending them to us.

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