Yogi’s no bear

A rare breed (in the UK) and a real privilege for me to meet and photograph Yogi. Yogi is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog; a breed which has only been in the UK for a relatively short time. A large, heavy-boned and powerful dog (the largest of the four Swiss Mountain dog breeds) they were originally bred and used for general farm duties such as herding and guarding. Despite the breed’s imposing physical stature they are a sociable and calm breed with a strong affinity to people and a real lust for attention.

Yogi is certainly all of these things. A wonderful dog, though still young and very much a puppy, he has such a great confident and friendly nature. I first met Yogi some months ago when I worked with Helen Eade of Social Paws (click here for the website) creating some images for her business and Yogi happened to be one of the dogs she was working with on the day we met. I fell in love with Yogi instantly – he reminded me of a dog that I knew when I was growing up – not the same breed but a similarly large and powerful dog with a wonderful friendly nature.

A very big thank you to Brenda (Yogi’s doting owner) for allowing me to spend time with Yogi and take some photographs, a selection of which I’ve produced here.

If you wish to know about the breed then please consult the Great Swiss Mountain Dog Club: click here

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