Services & Pricing

Each of us is an individual and we all have our own preferences. For this reason I like to discuss with my clients just what they want out of a photo session and that allows me to tailor the session to them specifically. Normally I’ll have this conversation when we first speak. This also allows me to understand a little about your pet – its character and any special requirements – which allows me to plan a shoot and location that will be safe and will produce great images. In terms of the outputs from a session I can incorporate (within reason!) just about anything and provide a bespoke package if required – prints, canvas, acrylic, photo book, montages, etc. I like to discuss just what the client wants during our initial conversation, whether it is a small-scale print or a large piece of wall art to take pride of place in their home.

All sessions include the supply of a lower resolution watermarked image prepared for upload to your Facebook page, or other social media platform.

Please also read theFAQs & Termspages as these contain some detailed information about what is included and the terms of business.

How do I book?

Please call me to discuss what you want. This will give me the opportunity to understand exactly what you need but more importantly to understand a little about your pet so that I can plan effectively for the photo session. Please note that a session is only booked and confirmed upon payment of the booking fee of £25.

Call me on 07736 973273 or e-mail me at

Photography Session:

Though I don’t ‘time-limit’ a session it will typically be 1-2 hours on-location. Pet Session price: £85 weekdays & £100 weekends. This price includes post-session editing/processing of images and one A4 (approx.  8.3″ x 11.7″) print.

My aim is to cover all the types of image you may want during the session; action, portrait, fun, etc. I won’t work to a strict time limit but will stay with you to get the shots – my aim is to delight you with the images from the session. I understand that some pets will be more willing than others and hence it may take more time to capture certain shots; I view this as all part of the joy of working with clients (yes, seriously!).

Puppy Package:

Puppies (or kittens!) grow so fast that it’s hard to keep track of their development. Capture lasting images of their special time with one of my puppy packages. You’ll benefit from three (approx.) 2 hour on-location photography sessions over a 12 month period. Puppy Package price: £295, including one A4 (approx. 8.3″ x 11.7″) print from each session.

Horse Yard Visit:

A half day (approximately 3.5 hours) session at a single location for up to 4 people and horses. Horse Yard Visit price: £200 weekdays & £250 weekends. Each person will receive an A4 (approx. 8.3″ x 11.7″) print.

Full Day & Events (Dogs or Horses!):

Please call me to discuss exactly what you want and I will prepare a bespoke quotation. Full Day & Events start from £500.

Gift certificates:

Looking for an alternative and personal Xmas gift for your favourite animal lover, or perhaps a gift for any special occasion for a discerning pet owner? A fabulous lasting keepsake is guaranteed with a bespoke photography session with Yellow Hound.

Please click here to purchase gift certificates.

I will send you a personalised gift certificate printed on high quality photographic paper for you to give as a gift. This can included the recipient’s name or the agreed date for the photography session.

Print Costs:

To view the print options and prices of a particular photograph first click on the thumbnail of the photograph to bring it up on its own at large size. The price of all prints for sale will then appear in a drop-down menu to the bottom left of the photograph. 

This list is not definitive – the size and variety of print sizes, mediums and methods of presentation is literally infinite. Listed are the typical popular options. If you want something specific, say a montage or print collection printed and finished in a specific way then please call me to discuss your requirements. You may be surprised at what can be done!

Note: the sizes quoted are the actual paper sheet sizes. Each print will be made with a small border to allow for framing, and hence the actual picture will be slightly smaller than these paper sizes.

Digital Files:

Various resolutions of digital download are available – please refer to the pricelist within the gallery of interest.


These are proving to be very popular! Whether you are looking for that special gift or a unique way to present wonderful memories, a Yellow Hound collage makes a superb piece of wall art. Each collage is unique and created from your personal selection of images, arranged and blended in a way so that the pictures gel as a whole. Pricing depends upon the size of the final print and on the number of images included (as the number of images increases so does the time required to produce an effective collage). 

Collage print pricing (all prices exclude postage and packing) is as follows (please contact me with your requirements if you want a different product, such as a canvas). Image sizes are in inches:

Up to 3 individual images: 12×8 print = £60, 15×10 print = £65, 18×12 print = £70
Up to 6 individual images: 12×8 print = £80, 15×10 print = £85, 18×12 print = £90
Up to 9 individual images: 15×10 print = £110, 18×12 print = £115

To order please send an e-mail to chris@yellowhound stating the images you want in your collage – please provide show, day, class and height, along with the image number. Please also state the size print you require. At this point please also state if you want any of the images used as a ‘key’ image in the collage – there may be one image you would like to appear more prominently in your collage. There is a £25 deposit payable to confirm your collage order.
I then produce the collage and upload it to a gallery from you which you order and pay the balance. I keep my pricing on my collages very keen by not including any allowance for re-work once the design is complete, so please do tell me any preferences you have at the time you indicate your chosen images.
Due to the time involved in putting a collage together please understand that your instruction is a commitment to buy.

At times there can be a significant lead time for the production of collages. Please do state if you have a ‘need it by’ date and Yellow Hound will advise 😉

The Small Print:

All prices are subject to change without notice.