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All pictures are available for purchase as prints, and many are available as digital downloads.

Once you have clicked on any gallery to open it you can view any of the pictures at larger size simply by clicking on it.

An important note regarding ‘Dog Agility Events’ Images.

From the UK Agility HADS show onwards I have changed the order in which I process images.

Due to the volume of pictures involved (one day at an agility show is typically in excess of 2000 images) I have decided that it is not tenable for me to carry on fully editing all images prior to upload to my site. In order to get the images up much more quickly I will now only undertake the most basic of editing (which is really just deleting the shots that fall short of my desired quality) pre-upload. In order that the quality of images sold is maintained I ask that anyone who wants to buy a picture e-mail me with the event, day, ring, class and height info along with the picture numbers. I will then edit only those images and place them in an ‘edited’ and password protected gallery for purchase.

The exception to this will be all candid and requested images – which will be fully edited prior to upload as before.

How to buy photographs:

Navigate to the collection and then the gallery that you are interested in. At the top right of the gallery page you will see buttons for ‘slideshow’, ‘pricelist’ and ‘bulk order’ options. Click on the thumbnail of the image you wish to view & purchase to bring it up on its own on the page.

You now have two options to purchase. Either use the drop down menu to the bottom left of the image, or the ‘order options’ button to the bottom right of the image. From this page you are also able to email a friend a thumbnail of the image. The website will lead you through the process to checkout.

Payment can be made by Paypal (preferred) or offline (BACS or cheque).

Remember that you do not need to have a Paypal account to use Paypal. You will be able to checkout as a ‘guest’ in the Paypal process and pay using your credit card.

What is on offer:

Images are available to purchase both as various sizes and types of prints (the possibilities of size, finish, mount, etc are literally limitless!) and (some) as digital downloads. Because of the vast range of print options the price list on my site shows only the most commonly requested variations, so please contact me if what you want is not shown.

I regularly produce bespoke wall art for my clients – please contact me with your requirements.

Where digital downloads are offered they are available in various sizes:

  • 800px (longest side) intended for social media use (NOT intended for print).
  • 1200px (longest side) intended for web use but will print up to 6×4.
  • 3200px (longest side) which will print at good quality up to approx. 10×8.
  • Full-size. This is the edited ‘as shot’ file which will vary in pixel size (due to image cropping) but is the best resolution file available for printing.

As ever if you do hit a problem, or are unsure as to what to do, then please contact me by e-mail, text or mobile.