So it’s almost time to bid farewell to 2016….

2017 is almost upon us and it seems only natural to look back at the year that’s drawing to a close. 2016 has been a fabulous year for Yellow Hound – in some respects better […]

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Collage Corner

I have been pleasantly surprised by the popularity of Yellow Hound’s collages – they do seem to have captured the imagination. I have just completed one for a client and I thought it would be interesting […]

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Musings on Anthropomorphism.- (Well, sort of)

I spent much of last week at Quadpaws photographing the dog agility show. Quadpaws takes place at Mapledurham a little way north of Reading – the event is actually situated within the Mapledurham Estate right […]

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‘Not-Quite-Spring’ Offer!

A new month and time for a ‘not quite spring’ offer. I’m offering 4 free photo sessions for this month only. So, what’s the catch? Well, not catches exactly but a  few restrictions. This offer […]

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Event News – In-Store Mini Sessions

Event News! I shall be supporting the in-store Xmas shopping event that the Countrywide Farmers store in Gloucester is holding next Thursday 10th December. I shall be there from about 4pm setting up with the event […]

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The Shooting Party

At the weekend I was invited to accompany a shooting party in the Somerset countryside. Despite driving down to the location through some particularly nasty rain the morning remained largely dry, with the rain moving […]

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Yogi’s no bear

A rare breed (in the UK) and a real privilege for me to meet and photograph Yogi. Yogi is a Great Swiss Mountain Dog; a breed which has only been in the UK for a […]

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A hunting we will go….

I have been looking for opportunities to photograph more gun dogs and was recently invited to a shoot not very far away from Cheltenham. I had high hopes of capturing some atmospheric images of gun […]

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In an ideal world….

There is no explanation for this post other than I was deeply moved to make it. A friend shared a Facebook post with me containing this video and it moved me to tears in the […]

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My Guys

I make no apologies for turning my camera yet again toward ‘My Guys’ Coco & Marley. Lou (my long-suffering wife) and I love these guys so much and a photo session is always a real […]

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